November 28, 2022

The Workshop: Accept testing with Codeception - php[architect] Magazine April 2022

Acceptance testing is a method of verifying our application behaves exactly as expected, often utilizing a web browser. We will write test scenarios that will be acted out by a user interacting with our application such as logging in or performing a specific task. Acceptance tests are slower than unit tests because they rely on a web browser. What we lose in the speed of running acceptance...

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May 13, 2022

The Workshop: Apache and PHP – Back to Basics - php[architect] Magazine January 2022

This month we’re diving into Apache and PHP configuration to better understand the relationship between the web (HTTP) server and our application. When getting started with PHP it’s quite common for tutorials and guides to skip over the webserver and focus more on the language aspects. PHP developers need to have a strong understanding of how the webserver executes their code as requests...

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February 25, 2022

The Workshop: Testing with Pest Framework - php[architect] Magazine August 2021

Pest is a PHP testing framework focused on simplicity and brings a powerful expectations API to PHP. Pest is influenced by Jest, a JavaScript testing framework. Pest was created by Nuno Maduro originally via Sponsorware license, and ultimately has been published under the MIT open source license. You can think of Pest ha an alternative to other testing frameworks, such as Codeception, which can...

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January 9, 2022

Building Homestead in 2022

There are two parts to the Homestead product: a base box named Laravel Settler and a run time Laravel Homestead. From the Settler repo, we’re able to build base boxes Homestead, Homestead-ARM, and Homestead-MariaDB. You need Packer and a Virtualization provider. You can likely build Homestead base boxes for Virtualbox, Parallels, and sometimes Hyper-V and VMware. You'll want to clone...

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