June 11, 2021

The Workshop: S3 Storage with MinIO - php[architect] Magazine January 2021

This month we’re diving into running our own S3 compatible open-source server via the open-source project MinIO. We’ll configure MinIO alongside our local development environment so we can easily replicate the integration of our application with S3 object storage without operating on “production” storage buckets or having to setup “dev” buckets. Amazon’s Simple Storage Service...

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June 2, 2021

Adding Another Disk to WSL2

The Windows Subsystem for Linux has fundamentally changed how I develop projects. WSL2 providing native Ubuntu 20.04 cleanly running inside of Windows 10 has been an incredible experience. While many WSL users may be excited for WSLg; I'm just as excited about being able to Mount a VHD in WSL. VHD is a file format which represents a virtual hard disk drive. Typically these files are used with...

learning wsl2 linux storage


January 10, 2021

The Workshop: Easy CLI PHP with Symfony Console 5 - php[architect] Magazine April 2020

Writing console commands with PHP is something I have always taken for granted. I started my career having learned Linux and command line server configuration and was very comfortable writing small applications with BASH scripts, Python, and even dabbling in C and Microsoft Qbasic. These commands copied files to a backup location, process batched data records in CSV, XML, and various other...

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January 10, 2021

The Workshop: Specification BDD with Phpspec - php[architect] Magazine May 2020

phpspec is a package in which we can use behavior driven development, BDD, which comes fromtest driven development, TDD. When applying BDD we’ll write our tests first and then only enough code to pass our tests and then refactor and verify the tests still pass exactly as we would with TDD. This cycle continues and is often referred to as red-green development of writing tests that fail and...

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