May 4, 2023

Getting back into the swing of things

Monthly php[architect] readers might have noticed I haven't been in the past three issues and I have a really good reason: the day job. We had a pretty ambitious Q1 and it meant that for my own health, writing had to be pushed off the calendar. I was fortunate enough that Eric and John understood and while I made some connections for guest columns they largely left me alone which is exactly what...

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February 3, 2023

Join me at php[tek] 2023 May 16-18th in Chicago

As a seasoned web developer, I have had the privilege of speaking at and attending numerous technical PHP and web developer conferences over the years. I can attest that attending these conferences has made a big impact in my career, providing me with valuable insights, networking opportunities, job opportunities, and the chance to stay current with the latest developments in the field. The...

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November 28, 2022

The Workshop: Accept testing with Codeception - php[architect] Magazine April 2022

Acceptance testing is a method of verifying our application behaves exactly as expected, often utilizing a web browser. We will write test scenarios that will be acted out by a user interacting with our application such as logging in or performing a specific task. Acceptance tests are slower than unit tests because they rely on a web browser. What we lose in the speed of running acceptance...

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May 13, 2022

The Workshop: Apache and PHP – Back to Basics - php[architect] Magazine January 2022

This month we’re diving into Apache and PHP configuration to better understand the relationship between the web (HTTP) server and our application. When getting started with PHP it’s quite common for tutorials and guides to skip over the webserver and focus more on the language aspects. PHP developers need to have a strong understanding of how the webserver executes their code as requests...

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