March 21, 2016

Adding Homestead to a SlimPHP App

I've been a fan of SlimPHP for a really long time. Recently I started using it for a site that I do freelancing development for and wanted to share a quick solution to local development. It's no secret that I love Laravel's Homestead vagrant environment. Using the per-project installation method, you are only three commands away from running a SlimPHP skeleton application in a local Homestead...

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March 15, 2016

User Group Advice

When I introduce myself before I give a talk at a conference or a user group I mention I am a user group leader and very passionate about community. I happily receive questions from people starting new user groups or reviving old groups. I wanted to share a recent response I sent to someone today who was asking for advice about their meetup group: Congrats on jumping into the world...



February 6, 2016

Acceptance and Functional Testing with Codeception -- SunshinePHP 2016

Feedback via Twitter SunshinePHP 2016 was the second time I formally gave my Acceptance & Functional Testing with Codeception talk. I had built the talk from a handful of demo sessions at my local user group: The first time I gave the talk was at DevSpaceConf in October 2015. I only had two attendees show up to the talk which turned out to be really...

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February 5, 2016

Adventures in Laravel

Sunshine 2016 was my second year at coming to this really great conference. Last year I gave my Secure Form Processing talk and it was a great conference as a speaker and as an attendee. When I was invited back to give a tutorial as well as another talk for 2016 I was really excited. The wife and I also arranged for her to join me on the trip to Miami, she wasn't attending the conference, just a...

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