June 20, 2015

Install Homestead into your project

I've previously shared a project I built that allowed you to easily add the Laravel Homestead vagrant environment into your project. My goal with the package was to give an easy way of installing the core homestead files into your project needed to have an isolated vagrant machine. I pinged Taylor Otwell about possibly adding this sort of functionality to the homestead application itself. This...

homestead laravel php vagrant


June 5, 2015

Mentoring -- Things I wish I knew sooner

I was recently contacted by someone who saw my post about being a PHP mentor on and was curious if I was still open to taking an apprentice. This was very neat because most of my outside-of-work mentoring (as an apprentice and as a mentor) has been very informal. I'm hesitant to jump into such a relationship because it really depends on so many factors. We need to figure out what...

community mentoring php


May 18, 2015

Using Laravels Homestead from your project

I love Laravel's Homestead environment. I've been using it since it was first released and have found it incredibly handy. I often use it for non-Laravel uses as well. It's a great PHP 5.6+ / nginx / MySQL vagrant box. With Homestead version 2, Homestead was changed to run from your home folder and it pushed you more towards using one Homestead machine for all of your Laravel projects. This is...

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May 14, 2015

OpenWest Conference 2015

I had the fortunate opportunity to speak at the 2015 OpenWest Conference and it was a great experience. I've never been to Utah and flying into Salt Lake City was beautiful. The mountains around Salt Lake City and Orem were absolutely amazing. The conference badges were great and really helped people get excited about hardware hacking. It was a soldering project with an expansion that could be...