December 8, 2015

Installing PHP 5.6.x on CentOS 5.11

Install Nginx, PHP 5.6.15 and PHP-FPM on CentOS 5.11 I know... I know. But I had to figure it out. So here's what made it happen: Starting Point: Install Extra Repos: Enable Repos and install nginx and php: I had to install php-pear and php-pecl-json before the big install because I was getting warnings: Final Result: Your milage may vary. I hope no one ever needs this.

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October 23, 2015

Last Night in Las Vegas

My last night in Las Vegas was pretty rough. Came back to the Hard Rock Hotel after an awesome dinner out and played some Blackjack. Heard someone mention the power (including elevators) was out in the tower I was staying in. Great. I cashed in my chips and decided to see what was up since I had to be up in 7 hours for my flight out.   I walked over to the elevators and they were...



October 23, 2015

ZendCon 2015 Thoughts

ZendCon 2015 was my first ZendCon experience. I was selected to give two talks, "Laravel Forge: Hello World to Hello Production" and "DevOps for Small Teams". This was my first time giving the updated talk about Forge which also includes a basic Envoyer review and I feel like the talk went really well. Attendees seemed to enjoy it and a lot of people told me afterward they enjoyed the talk. I...

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August 17, 2015

Laracon 2015 Thoughts

In February 2015 when I found out Laracon US was going to be in Louisville, Kentucky I dropped everything I was doing and bought tickets. Even if I wasn't selected to talk I was going to attend a PHP Conference that was easy driving difference from Memphis. Laracon US in previous years was held in New York and Washington, DC. The closest PHP conferences to Memphis are in LoneStarPHP (Dallas) and...

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