May 31, 2017

Communities and Silos Revisited

"You can be a part of multiple communities..." This is a hot topic for me, and I'm glad to hear Matt's opinion. I agree with everything Matt says. If you've not heard it yet go listen to this before continuing this post: back. I've talked a lot about Laravel developers being in a silo just as Symfony, Zend, and other frameworks have these silos. This...



May 25, 2017

Why does Guzzle put an underscore in my url!?

"Why does Guzzle put an underscore in my url!?" This was an issue I agonized over for more time than I'm willing to admit. I was parsing URLs out of an Apache access log to gather real world usage to run against my test server for the day job. I was having the issue when I read the URL from the file and passed the URL to Guzzle that Guzzle would append an underscore to every URL, causing it to...

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May 18, 2017

Open Sourcing Mental Illness Conference TV

The great nonprofit that I help out with Open Sourcing Mental Illness has an ever increasing presence at conferences. We've been stepping up our booth visibility lately by adding a nice tablecloth as well as the purchase of a TV to have a looping video playing on to lure conference goers to our table. Originally we played video from an iPhone or laptop via an HDMI cable. I thought there would be...

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May 8, 2017

php[tek] 2017 Training Day Requirements

I’m excited for php[tek] 2017. This will be my fourth year attending the conference and I always have a blast. I am again giving a full day of Laravel Training before the main conference. To fully participate in the training exercises you'll want to follow the directions below. Please reach out to me if you have any issues. Laravel Valet is a fine solution if you’d prefer not to have to...

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