September 22, 2017

Tiny Whoop Build List

Here's the Tiny Whoop clone setup that I'm planning on flying this upcoming season. I've been really happy with BetaFPV parts so I've gone all in with them. If you're upgrading just an FC or swapping out motors, all in...



September 14, 2017

Rejecting Speakers

If you follow me on Twitter you have probably noticed I'm the main organizer for TechCamp Memphis 2017. By main organizer I mean: I have a handful of badasses that I get to hand out task assignments to and they get shit done. We held our CFP using and that was a pleasant experience overall. I did miss some features of OpenCFP and I do feel like I betrayed my PHP roots a little....

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August 28, 2017

The importance of hobbies

Nearly all the programmers I know count programming among their hobbies. I always have; I was a hobbyist programmer long before I was a professional programmer. The cautionary tale is about burnout. When you spend all day at your day job doing one thing and then going home and doing the same kind of work burnout can start to creep up on you. In 2015, I had a pretty big burnout attack and ended...

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July 6, 2017

Install and Configure PHP 7.1 on Cloud 9 Workspaces

July 8th I'm giving a general PHP training day at the Fedex Institute of Technology and because I'm targeting absolute beginners I wanted to use Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is an online editor that gives you a full linux workspace to build your project in. The first thing I noticed was the container Cloud 9 provides is running PHP 5.5. I've created a simple bash script to update PHP to 7.1 and update...

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