Whiskey Tango Awkward Foxtrot

Joe • January 20, 2020

general day-job

It's taken me 7? 8? months to write this blog post. It's the "how do I explain to blog readers I'm no longer working where I've spent the past year and a half? and I signed documents so I can't talk about it" blog post. So yeah, if we haven't spoken in the past 8 months, there's a good chance you're just now finding out I've been working for a startup writing Python and building Ansible backed infrastructure to serve a platform which includes high-quality diagnostics data for predictive failure diagnostics. It's a really fancy way to say I'm doing A LOT of DevOps, somewhat working towards SRE practices, and writing a lot of Python these days. Don't worry! I'm still writing PHP just as much outside of the day job with no plans of slowing. I actually have a project in the pipeline where I'm integrating a forum system into a leader-board for esports which is based on Laravel.

Now that we have this awkward moment past us I won't feel intimidated by the anxiety of having to explain it here before I post the next random thing I had to figure out.