Mentoring -- Things I wish I knew sooner

Joe • June 5, 2015

Community Mentoring PHP

I was recently contacted by someone who saw my post about being a PHP mentor on and was curious if I was still open to taking an apprentice. This was very neat because most of my outside-of-work mentoring (as an apprentice and as a mentor) has been very informal. I’m hesitant to jump into such a relationship because it really depends on so many factors. We need to figure out what I as the mentor can offer, is it something they as the apprentice want to learn.

One of the first questions was "…anything you consider it's important in php. Maybe give me tips of what to learn next, or share with me things that you wish you knew a few years back"

There is so much that I wish I knew a few years (or more) back. After sending my response I thought it might be good to share with others.

And I always like sharing book recommendations so I included these: