Looking for a new day job

Joe • June 14, 2017

day job

I can help your team solve interesting and complicated problems. I have been a PHP engineer for over a decade and spent the last few years working with large-scale custom content management systems and APIs in enterprise environments. I’m also experienced in server management and configuration.

My expertise leans heavily towards backend software engineering, the conversion of legacy software code bases, and delivering solutions that provide strong business value. I’m a strong advocate for clean and tested code, creating processes to solve problems, and modernizing legacy applications. I’m constantly learning new trends and staying up to date with modern practices to always provide the most value possible.

I help teams solve problems; complex problems. Every team has a roadblock they just can't seem to overcome. I am the bulldozer your team needs to get past it! I Don't have years of institutional knowledge in your problem-space to cloud my vision. I come in with fresh eyes, and develop solutions.

I can help your team:

  • Build out its server infrastructure.
  • Design your API for security and scalability (yes, you can have both).
  • Optimize your application's code for performance and reduce your overall server spending.
  • Level up your skills in modern development practices.

As an open source maintainer, conference speaker, trainer, mentor, and author, I am very active in the PHP community. I maintain Homestead, the Laravel PHP framework’s official Vagrant-based development environment. I’m also a maintainer of the Phergie IRC bot project and represent Phergie in the PHP-FIG. I work on these projects in my own time because I value the commitment to open source and I’m paying it forward to give back to other projects where I can.

Publications And Speaking:

Every team has a problem; I can be the solution. Email me today, joe@joeferguson.me and let me show you that I am the right person for your team.