It's always ok to ask questions

Joe • February 10, 2020


I've noticed a trend lately where people who report issues on open source projects are seemingly using throwaway accounts to post issues and receive help. One case in particular was last month I solved an issue for a user who's GitHub account was brand new. They created this account just to post the issue. How do I know? They left their email address publicly viewable on their profile (Maybe it's a GitHub Default?) and a quick search yielded exactly who the person was.

I'm not here to dox or shame anyone. I'm just somewhat hurt people feel like they have to hide their identity to get help. The shame is someone who needed help was so worried they would be harassed simply for asking a question. I don't have a solution. The only thing I know to do is to ensure I'm treating everyone who comes to me for help the best way I can.

No one should be afraid of asking questions. We all learn by asking questions, learning new things, discovering new ideas.

Go forth and Question. Encourage others to question as well.