In Transit

Joe • July 1, 2015


In Memphis, I'm the guy known for starting stuff. I have mostly started nonprofits and user groups. Honestly I've helped start more than I've actually started myself. I've had great fortune over the past several years to get to meet really awesome people in Memphis who share my desire to see technical events and communities grow here. We've done a lot of awesome stuff together.

Today I informed the respective board members of HACKmemphis and Memphis Technology Foundation that I will be transitioning out of leadership roles no later than August 1st. I feel like it is time for others to have a chance to step up into various leadership roles in the Memphis community. I'm eager to see what these great friends of mine do from here. If you know anyone involved in #memtech, you know it's not just people who share common interests. Many of us have become great friends.

The first question people will likely have is "Where are you going?" to which the answer is "No where". I'm stepping out of leadership roles from these two organizations but I will still be an active member of the #memtech community. I am still the user group leader for MemphisPHP, still active in MidsouthMakers, and will still be around various #memtech events.

I plan to help contribute as time allows. Time being one of the big motivators behind my decision. Time is the most precious resource any of us have. Spend it doing what you love. I would be lying to say I wasn't looking forward to more free time to work on personal projects and ventures.

Community building is hard work. I believe we have a great base of people in Memphis that will continue to do this hard work in my absence. As a good community member you should remember that many of your leaders do it because they want to see the community thrive, not because they get paid for it. Those that do get paid often pay the price in other ways. Give your community leaders as much support as you can. Often times they're alone in the dark just trying to find the end of the tunnel.

Community leaders, I still count myself among you. Avoid burnout. Notice the signs and do something about it before it becomes unbearable.

See you at the next #memtech event (probably)...