Homestead Fifty Six Vagrant based development environment

Current Version

The Homestead Fifty Six Project is built on top of and extends much of the Laravel Homestead project. Homestead Fifty Six strives to provide a PHP 5.6 compatible development environment that is easy to use. As long as Ubuntu repositories exist with old versions this project will continue to provide stable development environment builds.


Homestead Fifty Six is based on and works very similarly to Laravel Homestead. The primary difference between the projects is Homestead Fifty Six continues to support older versions of tools to help developers who may still need more time to upgrade their projects.

Homestead Fifty Six will not be compatible with or maintain feature parity with Laravel Homestead. This document will highlight the differences in usage of Homestead Fifty Six as it differs in comparison to Laravel Homestead.


Basic plans are not eligible for support. If a release contains a known breaking change the documentation will be updated to notify users of changes or bug fixes.

Homestead Fifty Six support is available via the Basic + Support Plan. Users will need a account and provide their username in order to be added to the Homestead-Fifty-Six private repository. Support will be handled via GitHub Issues and as needed one on one chat.

Support Limitations

Due to the amount of underlying technologies involved in virtualization via Vagrant and virtual machine providers Homestead Fifty Six is limited by these applications in what can be accomplished. Most often workarounds can be found or alternative workflows accomplished however there may be times that support is unable to resolve an issue to do an upstream application issue.