GiveCamp Memphis February 7-9

Joe • February 5, 2014


This weekend I will be at GiveCamp Memphis. This year CoWork Memphis is the host and it looks to be a great event. This will be my first GiveCamp event and I’m excited to lend my developer skills to local nonprofits.

One of the sponsors this year is Rackspace. I have been familiar with Rackspace for a long time but it was not until I started my current day job that I had first hand experience with them. I was impressed by the wide array of offerings and amazed at their response to support tickets. The Rackspace support staff really is on top of their game. Every support request I have sent them has come back with a wealth of information regarding the problem and their recommendations on how to proceed. This was a welcome change to previous hosts I had used.

All of the projects We'll be working on will be able to be hosted on Rackspace servers at no cost to the nonprofits. This is a huge relief as a developer signing onto a project sight unseen. Server environment and platform is such a concern it's enough to prevent some developers from even participating.

Knowing the projects will have a home on Rackspace makes all the difference. I know first hand what service level to expect, what our capabilities will be, and what we can deliver to the nonprofits in terms of reliability. I am certain the nonprofits will be relieved to know that they won’t have to worry about infrastructure. Most of my experience with local nonprofits has shown that they Don't always have a dedicated IT staff to help with these problems. This is where Rackspace support shines, they are always easy to talk to, attentive to the issues, and helpful with solving problems.

I have become a big fan of Rackspace after seeing them in action first hand. I was also fortunate to have them as a sponsor for HACKmemphis. Proving their dedication to developers and communities runs very deep. If you have never used any of their services, I look forward to showing you what is possible with Rackspace during the weekend. If you are not able to make it to GiveCamp this weekend and want to check out Rackspace, you should look into their Developer Discount Program. You can get $50 a month credit towards cloud services for six months at no cost.

Hope to see you at GiveCamp.

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