Getting Lucky With Crystal in Homestead

Joe • May 15, 2018

devops projects ubuntu vagrant

I'm going to open this post with an apology for anyone who's corporate firewall gets triggered by this URL, but I just couldn't resist the title.

A few days ago a random internet stranger (Rid) showed up in the Larachat Slack #homestead-dev room. This is about the best real time chat support for Homestead. Rid proceeds to ask about building something like Homestead for the framework he was working on called Lucky for the Crystal programming language. After we chatted about Vagrant and Docker I mentioned that it wouldn't be too difficult to get supported in Homestead. Rid shared some helpful URLs and I was off to the races.

The next base box version of Homestead will have this preinstalled, but if you want to start getting Lucky with Crystal in Homestead right away...

Make sure you're running Homestead v7.5.0.

In your "Homestead.yaml" file add a folder and site mapping for your Crystal or Lucky project:

    - map: ~/sample
      to: /home/vagrant/sample
    - map: crystal.test
      to: /home/vagrant/sample/
      type: "crystal"

Open up your "" file in Homestead and add the following lines:

sudo apt-key adv -- keyserver hkp:// -- recv-keys 09617FD37CC06B54
sudo echo "deb crystal main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/crystal.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y crystal libssl1.0-dev

tar -zxvf v0.10.0-rc3.tar.gz

cd lucky_cli-0.10.0-rc3
crystal deps
crystal build src/ -- release -- no-debug
sudo mv lucky /usr/local/bin/.
rm -rf lucky_cli-0.10.0-rc3
rm -rf v0.10.0-rc3.tar.gz
curl | sh

Then run "vagrant provision". If you run into errors start fresh by running "vagrant destroy && vagrant up".