Getting back into the swing of things

Joe • May 4, 2023

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Monthly php[architect] readers might have noticed I haven't been in the past three issues and I have a really good reason: the day job. We had a pretty ambitious Q1 and it meant that for my own health, writing had to be pushed off the calendar. I was fortunate enough that Eric and John understood and while I made some connections for guest columns they largely left me alone which is exactly what I needed. Now I'm coming out the other side and gearing up for php[tek] in a couple of weeks!

Thanks to Ben Ramsey and Chris Hartjes who both wrote columns about their local development tools: The Workshop: What Ben Uses and The Workshop: A Grumpy Programmer’s Introduction To NeoVim and PHP. These two stepped up on a short timeline and were able to fill in for me and it's greatly appreciated.

My next article about building console applications with Minicli has recently been submitted and should be featured in the May 2023 edition of the magazine. Minicli is a neat framework for building command line PHP applications.

Another thing I'm excited about is the PHPRoundtable podcast will be doing an episode discussing Open Sourcing Mental Health with a panel including Ed Finkler and Beth Tucker Long from Open Sourcing Mental Illness, LTD. There's some potential OSMI news coming out of this as well. It's exciting to see more activity within OSMI as I've largely only been able to maintain the status quo.

Speaking of writing my friend Bryan Robinson wrote a book on Eleventy, it looks pretty interesting.