Day Job Updates

Joe • June 8, 2016

day job

I Don't talk about my day job here or on social media very often. I'm proud of who I work for and the work that I'm doing I just seem to not talk about that stuff on social media. If you follow me on social media you can probably guess that I work for an awesome agency in New York City: Vector Media Group. I've worked for Vector since March 2015 and it's been a great team to work with and I've been able to raise my skill in several areas by working on projects with really talented coworkers.

This Friday, June 10th is going to be my last day at Vector. Some of you have contacted me about the open PHP Developer position I've been retweeting and sharing from Vector. I've told you all the same thing. Vector is a great company to work for and it's been one of the best teams I've worked with. If you want to solve interesting problems with some amazing clients; I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm going to miss this team.

Where am I going? On June 14th I start with AOL inc. I'm going to be joining a team that already has the awesome Samantha Quiñones and Jake Smith. The opportunity to work with these two as well as projects on the scale of AOL was too good to pass up. I'll still be remote but will be traveling into the office every so often.

Now back to your regularly scheduled PHP content And Soon™: My recap of the awesome php[tek] 2016 Conference.