June 26, 2014

Unit Testing Laravel 4 w/ Cartalyst Sentry + Mockery

I had a really hard time piecing this together so I thought I'd share it and maybe it would help someone (or me in 2 months when I forget all of this and stumble upon it again). The use case: I have a Controller "BoxesController" that I want to unit test the store() method on. The thing I had to play with some was having the test act as an admin user because I was posting to a route only admins...

php testing laravel


April 8, 2014

Alessos set from Ultra Miami 2014

I never was a big EDM/Dance music fan. Not until the past few years when I realized listening to it while trying to code or work out some complex problem really made doing the work easier. I've been listening to this set over and over the past few days, it's really great.



February 5, 2014

GiveCamp Memphis February 7-9

This weekend I will be at GiveCamp Memphis. This year CoWork Memphis is the host and it looks to be a great event. This will be my first GiveCamp event and I'm excited to lend my developer skills to local nonprofits. One of the sponsors this year is Rackspace. I have been familiar with Rackspace for a long time but it was not until I started my current day job that I had first hand experience...

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December 19, 2013

Using a repository that doesnt have composer.json

Have you ever run across a repository that you'd love to throw into your project via composer and the repository author didn't include composer.json? I ran into that exact issue with a project and had to figure out what the best way to handle the situation was. There are a few different ways you could include the repo. I'll show you how I did it without having to copy the repository directly into...

composer github laravel php version control