Announcing Homestead Fifty Six

Joe • March 6, 2019

general laravel linux ubuntu vagrant

The most recent major release of Homestead dropped support for PHP 5.6 and 7.0. While these PHP versions are end of life and will no longer be receiving updates, some developers still need access to these tools. You can certainly use and old version of Homestead but at some point the base box will just be too far out of date and things will start breaking. The solution to this problem is for me to continue to maintain a PHP 5.6, 7.x version of Homestead as a project I'm calling "Homestead Fifty Six". This project will be based directly off Laravel Homestead but will not be 100% compatible.

The initial offering is one of two ongoing monthly plans to support the development.

You can choose $10 a month for access to the packages:

You can choose $15 a month for access to packages as well as priority support for any help you may need getting the project working.

If you just want to say thanks for the work I've done on Homestead you can buy me a drink: