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Adventures in Laravel

Joe • February 5, 2016

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Sunshine 2016 was my second year at coming to this really great conference. Last year I gave my Secure Form Processing talk and it was a great conference as a speaker and as an attendee. When I was invited back to give a tutorial as well as another talk for 2016 I was really excited. The wife and I also arranged for her to join me on the trip to Miami, she wasn’t attending the conference, just a nice mini vacation for us with a bonus PHP Conference.

I did a 3 hours version of my "Adventures in Laravel 5" tutorial. I had about 15 attendees and I felt like it went really well. The attendees where a nice mixture of people who had used Laravel before and those who had no previous Laravel experience. This tutorial was a test run for some of the content I use for my php[architect] Laravel from the Ground up training. I got some good feedback from the attendees after the tutorial. I realized some good things this run through that I can tweak for future versions to make it easier for the attendees that may have not had much exposure to Laravel.

The exercises I built for the attendees starts off by using Laravel's own Beginner Quickstart Guide. This is a great place to start if you are new to Laravel. I cover everything in the basic quickstart and much of the advanced. I Don't cover all of the advanced quickstart because I found some of it to be a little overwhelming when doing shorter tutorial sessions or when a majority of attendees are completely new to the Laravel framework.

You can find a copy of my slides below, and you can find the code repo used on my github Each exercise is it's own branch.

If you weren't able to attend make sure you check out php[tek]'s tutorial day, May 23rd 2016 where I will be giving an in-depth day-long training before the main conference starts. If you have never been to a PHP conference before php[tek] is a great first conference to attend. My first PHP conference was php[tek] 2014.

If you are unable to make the tutorial day consider joining one of the online traning sessions via php[architect]

Adventures in Laravel 5 SunshinePHP 2016 Tutorial from Joe Ferguson